About Colin

I am a mechanical engineer with an extensive background in the realms of robotics and electro-mechanical devices, spanning over a decade. I love working with new materials and challenging myself to build ever improving creations. My passion for innovation finds its outlet in the fusion of artistry and engineering. I began using tools and creating inventions at a very young age and have explored everything from oil painting to dynamic sculptures.

I was born in Quebec, Canada though I was raised in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Enlisting in the US Army Reserves at the age of 18, I served as an engineer and proudly earned my citizenship. Six years later, my chapter with the Army concluded, and I transitioned into a dynamic engineering career, contributing my skills to a range of startups on both the East Coast and in California. In 2023, taking a leap of faith, I embarked on an independent venture as an Artist. My mission centers around cultivating a distinct artistic style that bears the mark of my unique journey. I am excited for what the future holds and am looking forward to learning new things along the way.

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